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Baby Food Q&A

Q. What is the point to choose baby food?
Refer to baby's age in months on package label
Softness, size, amount, and kinds of food materials of baby food are adjusted for babies of different ages in months.
Because of individual differences of babies, choose appropriate baby food for weaning progress of each baby.
According to your use
<At the beginning of weaning period>
Freeze dried and powdered baby food is suitable because you can adjust the amount depending on baby's weaning step, and it can be prepared from small quantities.
<Support preparing baby food>
Freeze dried and powdered baby food can be used in combination with food materials. It is utilizable to make various menus.
<Daily use>
As one dish of baby meal, ready-to-eat baby food is suitable. Let babies try various menus to develop their sense of taste.
<No time to cook>
Ready-to-eat and powdered baby food are suitable. Powdered type is easy preparation by just adding hot water.
<Going out>
Ready-to-eat baby food is convenient for going out because the cup can be used as tableware, and a spoon is attached.
Check ingredients of product
Please check ingredients labels carefully, especially when you worry about food allergy, or your babies eat baby food for the first time.
Q. Why is expiry date long?

We adopt a highly secure packaging container.
Ready-to-eat baby food is sterilized by autoclaving and heating after packaging and sealing up in containers. Preservability of dried baby food is improved by removing oxygen in package.
No preservatives are used.

Q. Can baby food is kept after opening?

Do not feed leftovers and pre-cooked baby food.

  • Ready-to-eat baby food should be finished to use at one time after opening.
  • Powdered baby food sould be kept with seal after opening, and use as soon as possible.
  • Freeze dried baby food should be finished to use within two days.
Q. Are there any standards of seasoning for baby food?

Function of baby's kidneys is undeveloped.
The amount of sodium content of Japanese baby food follows the guideline of MHLW, the industry standard, and the international food standard CODEX.

  • under 12 months200mg/100 or less (salt level about 0.5% or less)
  • 12 months and up300mg/100 or less (salt level about 0.75% or less)

The aboves correspond to 1/3 -1/2 amount of seasoning for adults, and baby food is cooked with light taste.
Using stock or umami of food materials makes baby food delicious in spite of slight seasoning.

Q. What is the difference of contents among baby food
for each baby's age in months?

According to baby's ages in months, suitable softness and size of the components are adjusted. Also, we consider kinds of food ingredients, amount, and nutritional balance for baby food.

Q. Is 1 packet of baby food for 1 serving size?

According to individual appetite, growth, and development, please adjust the amount of baby food adding other food materials.

Q. What is 'freeze-drying method'?

Freeze-drying method is to freeze baby food immediately after cooking, and make moisture sublimated at ultra-low temperatures to dry under vacuum.
This method can maintain original color and flavor of food and avoid losing nutrition value. Restoring the fresh flavor, it is suitable for babies to develop their sence of taste.